Fukuoka is the place where there is a culture of the oldest noodle soba and Udon in Japan.It is said that a great monk brought back from ancient China.

The monk’s name is 聖一国師(円爾[en ni])
He lived in 1202-1280 ,age of Kamakura.

He is also a creator of Gion Yamakasa.
Udon at that time had weak flour and no Koshi,it seems that it was like Switon.

Udon since the legacy went so eaten into the hot broth in Fukuoka.

This is because there is no way to eat noodles in hot broth in China,Udon is a unique culture grow and developed in Japan and Udon culture development continues even today any place, example Sanuki, Ise , Osaka , Fukuoka.

So where in the Udon noodles is not that original, are you out in shops made a delicious noodles in their own way.